Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July

I am going home...

Not ready to leave this place yet.

5th July

A free Iced Milo from third college mamak.
An unfortunate event brought me to this gardener working at First Residential College, 
he happens to be a dish washer at 3rd college.

Despite his job, I don't feel bad for knowing him. I still talk to him when we meet.
Then last night, I was there for burger, because I was starving...
Then the staffs there all were so nice to me. Wonderful smile.
For your information, I was kind of never been here. This is not my area.
I would only here when passing on my running route.
If I would have known they are so nice, then I definitely would come here frequently.
And the seconds I thought the gardener was asking me what drinks I have ordered, he mean what drinks could he order me, for FREE.. 

Lovely, isn't he? Next time, if we meet again, hope I could buy him a drinks too. Thanks.