Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old Girlfriends

I don't know and I am not sure what has happened to me these few days.
I feel so exhausted and I look like wilthered.
not as blossom as I was before.

It's the results of staying up for several nights preparing for a mid-sem test.
And it turned out that I did not so well in the test.

Arghh.... Sigh...
I need to stop thinking about it and focus to the present and future.

Last night, I had a hanging out dinner with Sabrina and Wan Ting.
They are my old friends.
We realized that we have been knowing each other for 7 years.
Things were so crazy when we became friends.

Hanging out in Safari, the one and only club in Genting, flirting with guys,
learning street shuffle, and so on. and yeah..
No doubt I was so good in Suffling.
We could laugh until we drop on our way because 
someone was making a terrible joke.
That would be Dylan. He could make an ordinary scene into a bombing joke!!!!!
Seriously, it was such fun being around him.
We could laugh all day!

Another event that was unforgetable was,_________________________
the day when Dylan and Sabrina were stopping me from seeing a guy,____
who was about to break up with me._____________________________
I know it was so silly. But I could never forget the moment.____________
Not the moment with the guy.__________________________________
But moment with them._______________________________________
Dylan was doing and saying all he could to stop me from going up.______
And I remember that look he had when I said I had to go up.__________
and later I realized that Dylan had been waiting for me _______________
all the time when I was up, talking with the stupid guy._______________

Oh my God, what had I done!
and I just cried. He brought me to see Sabrina and we went to this Koraoke Capsules.
and he sang "分手快乐“ for me.
I didn't sing that day. I was crying until the next morning.

Anyway, now Dylan is a thousand miles away from us, and for years.
Some of us has changed.
Good or bad ways, they have.
 People change, poeple growing up their own ways.
There's nothing to be bothered of.

I am grateful that we got this far.
And it's amazing how we got this far, what we have gone through, what we have seen.

Making fun

Hmm okay.. Write again =)

Monday, April 8, 2013


Time flies...
As much as I am living every second of it, time still slips without realization.

It's the middle of the semester.
One mid sem test has passed, and I think I just did terribly on it.
Now, nothing I could do more other than praying and hoping.

A year ago, things were so different.
Different place, differant people around.
Now I still have to stay up studying, but the feeling is so different.

In kolej, when you were staying up, you looked out the window from the books,
you saw people's lights on, people burrying their heads on their books.
In the study rooms, you saw familiar faces, you discussed your problems with close coursemates.
Your friends told you which part you should be concentrate.

All those moments only has become the things that I cherished.

Yeah, we always hear that they say, "look forward."

that's what i am doing, and I hope everyday is wonderful for me.