Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First Malakoff Dualthon

Here is the time to write.
Oh Right, about Malakoff Dualthon, saddening me, my team lost.

My team made it in 7th place in Mixed Team Categories, right behind another UM mixed team which got 6th.
Another UM team for Men Team Universities Category got the 8th place. 
Puzzled and sad. Did we disappoint the UM Sports Centre, and also the UM students slash volunteers who were standing under the sun supporting us while they were dutying?

We were left behind other team during the cycling section, our bicycle was not the kind which is expensive and was not even mountain bike. The bike was rent from UM Sports Centre. That was why we could not catch up to other bicycle riders. And delaying timing. I ran badly too when it was my running time.

I was the last runner. It was very tiring. The route in Rimba Ilmu was very tough for me. I had had not enough training. This is the consequence. The route was a little inclined and I think my weaken mentality obstructed me to push harder. This is NOT GOOD.

I need to train harder. And this has crossed my mind.  If Amirul Syazwan can do it, so can I.
Thanks and good night.

I will write soon.

This picture again =)

Friday, October 14, 2011


There will be a little race in UM tomorrow morning.

Malakoff University Duathlon Series
UM runners gang asked me to join them about two weeks ago! OMG!! So it's official tomorrow?

I am so nervous. My team participate in Mixed Team Category.
My team consists of two guys, Boy and Din and me.
Din and I are runner, and Boy will be cycling.

My team's target is get placing in top Five. Though they just wanna participate for warming-up for following races.
Hopefully we can do it, hope I can do it!

I am so regret for not training hard. Bless me...

Can't talk. Gotta go.
Write again tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I always thought I am strong.

I thought I am independent, thought I am tough.

But in fact, I am very weak, although I hate to admit it.

I panicked when problems come to me, I couldn't solve it, I cry when I could not solve it, I called my Mum when I got a traffic summons and I cried when I could not unlock the car when it was auto-locked with the car key inside, and with the engine still turning on.

I could not even unlock it when my's father mechanic friend told me how to do.
What a terrible person I am. That's what nowadays people always call, "Noob" and "Sucks".

And that's when my mum said to me, " Be Strong." Crying does not solve problem.

 She's TRUE. I have to be strong. I can't be a little girl forever. I can't be a Mama's girl who calls Mum everytime I meet problems and expect her to solve it.

Be Strong, Siew Jye.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

R word

It has been quite a while that I have not running.

I wanna run again.

I was almost there, but there were some obstacles that made me stumble over it.

I will try again.

Write again soon.

Monday, October 10, 2011

End of This Wonderful and Meaningful Busy Week

This whole has been a really rough and busy week.
Yet, those days were so beautiful and wonderful.
And every single second of those days is going to be keep firmly in my mind and heart, like a permanent tattoo.

I would like to thank to everyone that had contributed and participated in this special occasion, from preparing the convo, attending the convo ceremony and also the convo dinner.

Well, I have to admit, I'm weary and tired, with all those photo session, outings and gathering. Because I'm totally energized to meet all of you and that's why so many energy consumed.
And not willing to let those moment run away, not willing to let you walk away so soon took very much strength and energy from me.
I will miss all of you, VERY VERY MUCH!
And I have kind of started to miss you already!

Million thanks to First residential college Juniors!!
Thanks to CAD/CAM juniors. Thanks to my lovely all-guys buddy line, Jonathan Yap, Kong Kien Meng, Eric Lim and also Hoo Chin How.
Thanks to superseniors.
Thanks to Christine Ng, YongLing, and Windy.
Thanks to all of you for the awesome presents! I love them all very much =)

Last but not least, still
CAD/CAM Engineering batch 07/08

My all-guys buddy line, from left, Eric Lim, Hoo Chin How, Kong Kien Meng and Jonathan Yap.

Thanks my lovely friends!!!
My dear friends~~~

=) =)
 Write again soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

6th October 2011

Guess what?!
It's a BIG BIG day!
My big day together with all my dear friends juniors and friends.
It;s my CONVO day!! I'm graduated..

After this busy day, only 3 words to describe it...

Thanks everyone who was there for me =)
Thanks to all CAD/CAM juniors and First college juniors!

I Love all of you, and I mean it =)

Write again soon.