Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When I look in your eyes, I learned that
You are no longer the 'you' which I fell for

It's really hard for me.
Truth is truth, fact is still fact.
How I wanted to scream it out...
Scream out my feelings

This crush that I have kept for so long should stop now.

Write again soon...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fighter- My Mom

To my beloved, dearest and honourable Mom,

She is a fighter.
She is so strong and she is the greatest Mom ever.
She has this angel-like-kindness.
She did 4 jobs to raise us.

She knows everything, from car maintenance>tyres>house chores> Everything
she cooks heavenly dishes.

She was a fighter and she is always a fighter.

I'm praying that she will live healthily, happily and wonderfully ever after.
God, please listen to my prayer and let my mom be blessed.
Fingers crossing.

Fingers crossing.

What if

What if I still dream about you some nights?

What if I'm dreaming about us talking about everything just like we used to do?

What if I'm assuming we were as just close as before?

What if every time I'm on Facebook chat, I wish there will be a window pop-up with your name on it?

What if I could never get over this?

What if I'm looking at the corner outside library where we were sitting with you bringing me supper?

What if I write down the quotes from you in my diary?

What if I'm still reading our chat history in Skype?

What if I thought I have gotten over you, but in fact somewhere in my heart, your name had already been carved on it. And whenever the blood passes through the place where your name had been carved, it gives ache.