Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29th March 2011

I will do it again, for Mummy!!!!!
For my beloved mummy.
Bless me =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Curious Saturday

Tick and Tock... The clock shows 8.15PM now.
I'm sweaty... I've just come back from running or jogging more precisely.
It was quite dark outside while I ran on the track along the road.
Isshhh... I started unusually late today. Someone or something has made me delayed my routine.
My friends always say that it's inappropriate to go jogging after sunset. Especially I'm always doing this alone.
They have advised me to return earlier because according to them, it's absolutely dangerous.
Robbery, stalkers, attackers, and some perverted psychopaths
Well, you don't realize you're in dangerous situation unless you're facing harms.

However, I do always keep alert, I'm actually aware of whoever comes near me.
If there's some curly hair with dark skin feller moving towards me, I would make up my mind, and think what should I do if he literally attack me, where should I place my kicks on his body, look around me to search for the escape route, and what should I do if he take out a knife...

If you'd say it's dangerous in the dark, even my roomate said it's not secure for me to stay around the lake.
Then why do the couples like to stay in the darkness.
Because they have two person?
Things I have observed during my workouts:
There were a couple who has just arrived. After parking, they walked swiftly towards the nearest hut.
To my amazement, they returned to their car before stepping their foot in the shed.
I realized then they left for the shed had already occupied by another couple.
Poor them, they have to look for another location.

People usually got curious...
Why on earth I go exercise everyday, well, almost everyday.
When the question got me, I am not so certain with the answer.
Maybe because I do this out of habits.
I've recently heard a question " Why do we need to exercise?"

There's something about nerve.. The explanation is still vague...
I like exercise. Perhaps I should get abs for myself. =D
Will it be too extreme?

It's EARTH HOUR today.
Light off period has just passed. A few minutes ago.
There's a number of people came out with questions and posts on Facebook earlier like " What should we do during lights off?" " Any plans tonight?"
And someone suggested that we should go candle-lit dinner, a ride out to watch the city and so on.
But at this instant, what I prefer is turn off all the lights, and all electronic devices if possible and light up some aromatherapy candles or diffusers, lie down and enjoy some sleep.
A aroma oil body massage would be awesome!

Obviously I don't have any of them. That's why I was sitting and writing this in the darkness.
I have been visiting Wonderful today =)
I will write again...

Friday, March 25, 2011


Issshhhh... It's the last day of Career Path 2011.
Considering the frequency, I have visited DTC for THREE times. Once on the first day, twice today.
I attended an interview by Konica Minolta this morning.
I was so relieved that I was able to wake up on time. 
There was an IQ test for the candidates before interview session. Each of us has only 10 minutes.
The night before I had convinced myself that I would be fine on that because I managed to pass my PTS when I was 9 years old. You might think it's ridiculous because it was like centuries ago.
For the interview, I guess I have screwed it up...
I couldn't even explain my job responsibility during internship when the sweet-smile-HR-lady asked me.
Luckily I prepared the drawings the night before, and when I showed them the drawings, at least I had something to tell.

Song remains the same.
It ended with " We'll contact you".
Well, I'd really like to hear from them soon.

I went jogging with Lye Kean Chiong this evening.
Very unusual because i am alone most of the time.
I usually bump into him on the hill top while he jogs from the opposite direction.
I was just randomly asking him whether he still jogs recently when we were at DTC. And then he said he was going to jog later. I invited him to jog together with me but I kind of regret of saying it right after those words came out my mouth. But he seemed totally okay with it and he said meet him at 12th at five.
Ohhh...Finally there's someone who's willing to jog with me.
But we walked most of the way, he walked, actually.. I walked because he stopped running and start walking. and we talked about a lot of things.

The funniest part was he did mention that he noticed some of the girls in class have belly fats. And he described that when they sit, the belly fat compressed and  looks like a SPRING to him. Haha @@ 
He asked me to go gym after that, but i refused to... because I used to go there once, and there was crowded with big muscular men.

The GREATEST thing about today is: My 1st year buddy Eric and the gang have just delivered some great food from pasar malam!!! 
This don't happen always~There were Tang yuan in soy milk and Takoyaki. Yum @@ =)
So happy now ^^

Thanks Eric, and also Toni =)
Among all the buddies in my buddy line, Eric and I are the closest one. Weird.. I am the only girl in my buddy line since first year and that makes me feel very boring.

I will write again =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wanting, happy birthday to you!

虽然有点迟了, 我很忙的啊=)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Discover the Rules of your Life

I have spent some time reading several mind stimulating articles as well as blogs today. Then I found these:

Leo Tolstoy wrote the Rules of Life when he was 18.

#1 Get up early (5am)
#2 Go to bed early (9-10pm)
#3 Eat little. Avoid sweets.
#4 Try to do everything by yourself.
#5 Have a goal for your whole life; a goal for one section of your life, a goal for every month, a goal for every week, a goal for everyday, a goal for every hour and for a minute, and sacrifice the lesser to the greater.
#6 Keep away from women
#7 Kill desire by work.
#8 Be good, but try to let no one knows it
#9 Always live less expensively than you might.
#10 Change nothing in your style of living even if you become ten times richer.

I actually like Rule #4 and Rule#7 is what makes you different from other people.

Marion Winik's " Rules of the Unruly"
It is a perfect copy of memo above the desk to keep you on track:

1. The path is not straight
2. Mistakes need not be fatal
3. People are more important than achievments or possessions
4. Be gentle with your parents
5. Never stop doing what you care most about
6. Learn to use a semicolom
7. You will find love 

What are yours?? 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crapsss... I am so tired

Another test waving goodbye this morning.
I was quite satisfy although there might be some minor mistakes.
At least my hard work and my sacrifice of my sleeping hours were considered worthy.
And there will be another test next week.
Not only that, there are abundance of assignments in my to-do-list.
Ahhh....!!! Gosh~~

It was raining heavily so abruptly approximately 8am this morning.
Rain water flooded the floor so quickly,
that I almost, so near to fall due to the slippery floor and my stupid slash low-price plus low quality slipper.
And there were two guys standing so near to me and one was trying to get to me, perhaps to help preventing me from falling down.
He suggested to me that i should really dump the slippers.
The situation ended with an awkward agreement to his kind suggestion. I felt so embarrassed. @@
Today was quite a hectic day.

The greatest part about today was: My great success in preparing the presentation of a title that I totally had no idea about " The Application of Neural network in Engineering" in an hour time.

It was an eleventh hour job because I had spent all my energy and time in studying for the test.
I had sacrifice many days of my sleeping time which makes me looking so terrible right now.

I have eye bags bigger than my eyes, dark circle as dark as those on pandas (of course they look so adorable with those circles as contrary, i look TERRIBLE)

My eye-lids are so heavy now, I think I have to call it a day now.

Write again soon. Night!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I love about Friday

It's been a late-posting because it is Saturday night now.
I was supposed to write about this on Friday night, or the latest on Saturday afternoon.
Well, I can explain...
It had been raining non-stop the whole afternoon which made me over-napping on my roomate's bed,
with my Russian classic <<First Love>> written by Ivan Turgenev, spread open on page 87 on my left.

So, Cellyn Miinyee and I had a movie marathon on Friday.
 The first movie was 127 Hours. Yeah, James Franco did it! I was a little over-reacted most of the time which technically made Cellyn speechless. I always do this. I always imagine myself as the character inside when i was watching a movie. 
Wow, I thought I could feel how Aron feel like when the rock hit his hand. I could never believe that moment and I would spend some time making me believe that it was my hand beneath that stupid rock and it was my blood spread over the rock However, I would never have the courage to cut my arm.

The second movie we had was The Fighter. It was a great movie!
Thanks to Cellyn for her great choice and her brilliant taste on movies!
Hey people, you should ask her out or date her!!

There was less than an hour's time for lunch before the second movie.
We had Kim Gary set lunch for our lunch. KG set lunch is my favourite lunch and it is what we had almost every time we spend our afternoon at Mid Valley.
Oh.. Maybe she would like to have some thing else, but she's still allow me. I should be grateful!

Time was so short as we both had other things to carry out in our routine.
So we went back rather early. Earlier than our normal outing.
It was a great outing though!! I had great times!

I went jogging afterwards, in the drizzle.
I thought the rain had stopped but it was still drizzling.
I followed my normal route, I don't know how long is the exact distance.
If someone knows, please tell me.
It felt so good, being sweaty in the cold and in the drizzle.

Running in the drizzle made me see different things or because it's Friday??
*The people I passed smiled to me, and a guy who smiled broadly. The smile was impressive and I must admit that I like it.
*And there were less car, less campus buses, less runners on the track.
*A runner which I pass by every time I run side-glancing me coldly. 
*I smile to him every time he looks at me and he barely smile back, a forceful smile.
But this glance confused me, I guessed he hardly had energy to widen his lips to make a smile while jogging, not while he was jogging up the slope.
* A group formed by 3 male runners praised me, they said" Ah moi, you cepat la!"
I ran pass them roughly 1km after i started my journey.
I just smiled to them and thought inside my heart.
"With all due respect, kamu sangat lambat la.." they must be walking!
* There were extra ordinary more water drops around my face. some even pouring down my face. Were they rain drops or the sweats from my body?

Things I love to do on Friday:

<3 Dine in a nice restaurant and have nice food. Japanese, French, Itallian, American or so on.
<3 Have a cup of really good coffee, and a book in front of me. Have nothing to worry but time to enjoy both!
<3 Going to movies with my friends, Movie marathon perhaps.
<3 Napping cozily with a good story book at my side
<3 Enjoy bubble bath in a bath tub. Which I could never do it for now.
<3 Having delicacy dessert or ice-cream.
<3 Visiting Wonderful at Pet Society, watching him eating his electronic ice-cream and cakes
<3 Lying on my bed, with my head on the foot of my bed, reading a good book.
<3 Enjoy watching Nikita, Vampire's Diary or Gossip girl.
<3 Watching the rain
<3 Have a whole body massage and foot reflexology 
<3 To do absolutely nothing

Things above were just a wish list.
There are so much to worry for now~~

I will write again.
Good night!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

11 March


Beautiful night II

This post has been dragged so long that finally i use this wonderful morning to write this all over again,
Briefly, Simple, and with photos.

This is my last MPA of my entire campus life.
Date: 5 March 2011
Venue: Marriott Hotel at Putrajaya

Girls want to be pretty, it's in our nature~ So we start preparing quite early.
My nail art
Inspired by Mini nail-Angelababy
We helped each other on hair and make up. I didn't make up when it's our time to go.
 So, we brought along some essential make-up kit and make up at the restroom.
See? Everybody is busy make-up-ing. We were like the little birds around Cinderella
Do you see the difference of height among us? I took off my high heels and i am inches lower!!
Mei fen with me,It's not that i am short, I was bare foot
Finally we have finished prepared! A shoot before the night started!
My coursemate Meichen
The girl with blue dress, She is HOT!
Wenyar with a great bouquet of Stunning roses!! It was from her boyfriend. Sweet Sweet <3
I didn't get any roses this year.. Sigh~!~@@
Girls next door, Mun Mun and Huiyingz
Coursemates CAD/CAM!
So, see campus life is so cool and so AWESOME right?

Will write again!