Thursday, February 23, 2012

23rd February 2012

I have been repeating 南拳妈妈's songs recently.
I'm surprised with their fame here which considered to be not-so-popular because their songs are amazing.
They have talents and that's why Jay Chou had been associating with them.
And I believe in Jay Chou's taste.

Listening their old albums reminds me about how fabulous memories are during my age at 15-18.Sometimes they are right about it, 
"it's not the lyrics of the songs that make us cry, it's the memories beneath the song that remind us."
 This is a picture we took after our SPM, during Deepavali in our beloved teacher's as well as our coach for Badminton house.

Monday, February 13, 2012



四年前的四年, 我第一次离乡背井,当时的那一天, 是用数不清的泪滴度过的。
八年来,错的决定作了太多太多。 跌跌撞撞的来到了这里。


Write again soon =)

Friday, February 10, 2012


There are so many stories about diligence when I was young.
Ants are hardworking, bees are perserve and diligence, deers are intelligent.
And they were all ended up well and have good paybacks.

And now,
I really need to stick to the motto and learn from those little hardworking fellas.
As I have always heard, sweetness comes after the bitterness.
I gotta work hard and have faith.
Believe in myself and wish for the day of sweetness will come soon, very soon.
Be diligence, less complaints.

Fingers crossed.
Write again soon =)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family I

I'm so sad,
Like a sad little Panda.

Feeling so dull and down.
I hope my family will get through this very very soon.