Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012

Just a little update that I would like to add in my blog.

About the exciting weekend that I had mentioned at my previous, I have participated in a few activities during Fiesta Hari Terbuka Astar.

I got 3rd place in Larian Astar which was totally a failure for me. Feeling just like I got a 'F' in my Dynamic.
And for the team up with Amirul Syazwan and Azwan Bunjing, and also Hanif in Explorace, my team got the 1st placing, together with another team. There were 2 teams which share the 1st place.

Things were not just that simple that day. After a long argument with the commitee, the finalize result was 2 teams sharing the 1st place. Well, i felt sorry to my teamates. Despite my terrible performance during the team race, they did not give me some weird and shytty attitudes. This is the main thing that I felt grateful for.

Thank you, Amirul Syazwan, Azwan and Hanif.
So.. we have not distribute the prize money and the hamper yet. But the memory is something worth the most that you all had given to me. Thanks again.

Despite my decreasing sports spirit and performance, I'm not giving up no matter how.

Write again.