Wednesday, September 28, 2011

28th September 2011

Have you ever felt like seeing someone so bad, but in the end you ended up knowing that person was just there very close and you have just missed him a few seconds ago.

Have you ever thought if you could run faster, then you might not miss the chance.

And if you push yourself a little harder, then you would not have missed him/her.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Night world =)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Curious Friday: Memory

How much do you think the human brain can bear in the way of remembering?

I read it from" I Don't Know How She Does It" that
" Our long-term memory is basically this super huge storehouse where all the people and places and jokes and songs we have ever heard are laid down like wine, that if you do not visit a memory often enough, the route to it is lost, that the memory is far deviated. Like the approach to Sleeping Beauty's castle. "

Is that why all of the fairy tales are being told, being remembered about helping them to find all their way back?

Is that why people keep revisiting the same place, about trying to find their way back to the beautiful memory they once had?

Photo by Sarah Wilson

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Lantern Festival

Here I am...

It's Lantern Festival! It's a fun and interesting traditional festival. And of course, the tasty mooncakes!

and I still remember how we set up a little moonlight party downstairs of our residential college.
We gathered the mooncakes we had brought, made delirious chinese tea, lit up the candles around us, and also lit-up our lanterns and had girls fun time.

Here I am, wishing everyone a Happy and Merry Lantern Festival.
Don't forget to lit up some lanterns and had some mooncakes. Enjoy the festival! 

Things I Love Saturday

Brrrrrr~~ It's 3:20am on the clock!!
Well, it's over 12am now, it's Sunday now, more precisely.
But the truth is, I have not had my sleep yet, so it is still a Saturday for me.

I practically slept the whole afternoon like a dead fish. There were like one or two times I was awaken by bad dreams which I thought I were in it for real.

Then I fell back into sleep after making up my mind for a few seconds. Sometimes, I woke up and faced my laptop to take care of my Cityville, like 30 minutes, then I felt tired and fell into bed again.

I repeated these actions for whole afternoon until I realised it was already 4pm and I had not done anything for my Saturday, then I decided to finally get up for real. No falling back to bed.

I love to do nothing but playing Cityville, taking care my city and listening to my collection of good songs.
and my Nicholas Sparks seems to be a good reading material after I have finished a stack of books I borrowed from Christine earlier. I have not read a good book, a book totally unrelated to my academic for quite a long time since I had to spent everyday reading and studying for good grades for the past many months.

Cellyn Miin Yee was working on this beautiful Saturday. Her first Saturday. So sweet of her to come my place after work and bring me to a nice dinner. Well, that dinner place is nice if you are ordering those food more than RM16. But for people like me, which is currently having to control my expenses, have no right to have luxury food.

Old coursemate WenYar called everyone for a gathering which includes having drinks over the night. So we had the gathering at Millenium Square. Those faces which I have not seen for quite a while, but the truth is everyone is still the same. We spent our time having conversation about job, Boon Fui's Korea backpacking, Wen Yar's working experiences, English Premiere league, and blah blah blah...
I had a chance watching my favourite football club since I was 14, the Manchester United versus Bolton. Wow..Rooney had a hattrick and Chicharito impressed me with his amazing goals and the new handsome goalkeeper of the team, David de Gea.....

And now... it's time I end my Saturday with a good NIGHT sleep, which I hope would be a lot better one than my afternoon sleep. Good Night everyone, who is already sleeping cozily...
ZZZzzzzzzzzz ~ I will write again~