Monday, February 10, 2014


The Notebook
a movie that I have heard of more than a thousand times.
Either from a book, blogs, movies, or dramas.

I am finallly going to watch it!
Can't wait.

I love stories about love, I love to see how lovers work their way to make evething works.
That's love.
You want the love between you to work out. You want it to last.
And no matter what happens in the way, you get through it together.
And then you bond stronger than ever.

I love beautiful love stories. I want my own love story.
A beautiful, magically and unbreakable one.
It's February, the month of love.
Valentine's Day falls in this month.
I wish all of us an awesome month and a happily ever after love.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I cried as hard as I could,
I almost cried out mt heart, all I wanted was crying out the pain I felt.
After crying, the tears seems to be have run out.

Everything seemed becoming better,
but that better lasted for only a few minutes.

Then the pain came again.
I could feel it all over my body.
My heart into pieces,
The pain stuck beneath the pieces.
No where to go.

I don't understand why.
How many heartbreaks that God wants me to feel.
I don't understand why,  if it's not meant to be, then why want me to go through?
I don't understand why, why can't relationships be true, couples be loyal.