Friday, December 31, 2010

From moving room to 2011

Ahhh... my whole body feels so tight after moving all my stuffs from block E to my own room.
All the stuffs, like more than 50kg of things.
Well, at least it is in my own room now. Feel more comfortable =)
The room was in a great mess before my total effort to thoroughly brush it up.
Our room was let to some middle aged male fellas a week a go. There were even cigarettes remaining.
Gosh!!!!! It was so disgusting...
No matter what was in the room before, now it has turned to Siewjye's room again.
I wiped my table for 5 times above. Every corner is shining clean again!!!
Out of the blue, i even wiped the shoes rack outside the room for twice.
The shoe rack!!!! Honestly, how many people would do that?
yeah, !!!!! that's me =)
okay.. just write this to express the tired-ness and release the waste in my head before 2010 ends...
Am i going to countdown tonight?? Hold that thought first...
Anyway, you people should go celebrate. It's the end of 2010!!!!
Welcoming 2011!!!!! Hope tomorrow will be a better day, and everyday a great nice day in 2011!
May all my wishes and dreams come true in 2011 and have a happy new year!!!!
Happy new year, world!!!!!

Hooray!!! 2011!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What was happening during Christmas

On Christmas eve:
1. Walk from UM 1st residential college to Kerinchi LRT station slash Wisma Pantai
I usually take the route by walking to University station, then take the LRT Kerinchi station which is only a station away from University. Sabrina recommended that i should reduce my walking distance by walking from Um straight to Kerinchi station. So i convinced myself that i should follow her advice. The pedestrian pathway was quite a difficult way, the pathway was flooded by rain water at certain spots and missing bricks at middle part of the pathway which forced me to walk on the main road. And i was so uncertain about the direction since i have never used the route before. Lastly, i have spent more time on this new route than the old one.And when i reached there, i found myself sweaty and gasping for air eagerly.

2. Stuck in the traffic jam
Sabrina and I was stuck in the terrible traffic when we were only one U-turn away to Sunway Pyramid. The jam was so unworthy as it was caused by a breakdown car stopped at the right lane. We spent approximately 45 minutes to complete our U-turn. =.=

3. Received the warmest SMS of the season
Haha!!! I screamed excitedly after saw the SMS. It was short as a draft, but i felt really GLAD! Sabrina was kinda shocked at first and then she glared at me with one side of her lip lifted up after i told her what i was so excited about =.= Zzzz... Haha...

4. Have gracious dinner at Itallianese Republic
White wine, fried calamari and cheezy fried prawns with potatoes. Photos were taken and are still in Sabrina's camera.

5. Meet Wanting and fellow friends at @live
*******i am so speechless about @live as it was just a lame club or bar. Sabrina and I were not entertained by the so-called live band. For us, they were just fooling themselves on the stage. They should realized they were totally irritating. Time we checked-in 11.45pm. Check-out time 12.45pm. Shortest time i have ever spent inside club. David's friends have non-stop filled up our glasses. Sabrina used driving as a reason to reject. Unfortunate me, my head was so dizzy and i could feel the alcohol rolling in my stomach.

6. A Honda Civic headed to Jln Ipoh and the driver was not David
Sabrina was required to drive David's Honda Civic because David was in highly excited state from the effect of too much alcohol. Wanting simply doesn't know how to drive and I still felt dizzy in my head. Therefore, the chosen driver was Sabrina despite her zero driving experience in Auto-geared. Sabrina was so proud for given the chance to drive a Honda Civic..there are photos to remember this Sabrina with Honda Civic moments @.@

On Christmas:
1. Head to church with Sabrina and her family
Witnessed choirs singing Christmas Carols, humorous emcees, meaningful stage play. Meeting nice and friendly people there.

2. Outing with Sabrina's family
Had lunch at New Paris SS2. Sabrina's aunt is a loving and extra kind person. On the other hand, both her daughter are having homeschooling. First time i heard homeschooling in our country.

3. Ah dong slash Jacky's saloon
Ah dong/ Jacky is my sister's ex-boyfriend. That's how i know him. ^.^ It is the first time Sabrina officially meet Jacky. She had heard this name from me since 5 years ago when i knew her at Genting Highlands. Sabrina decided to have rebonding of her hair. Spent 3 hours in the saloon. Watching Jacky doing his job.

4. Dinner with Jacky
Dinner at Pitstop. Sabrina said Jacky is a nice person and i am totally agree.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Girl-friendship is not simple.
As most of us agree, girls are sensitive. Despite we have girls' talk, not all of us dig thoroughly out the things kept in heart.
Sometimes, we are doing things that annoying or hurting our BFF without even realising it.
And they are not speaking their mind and here the conflicts occur.
Thus, we're putting our friendship at risk.
I have number of besties and i would try my best to do no things to hurt them.
I have read some really useful tips to avoid rotten of friendship...
There are some false rules we should avoid in order to keep friendships stronger and closer~~
Standing Her Up Last Minute
Friendship is based on loyalty. So if you said you're going to be there stick to your promise. And NEVER ditch your friends to go dating with guys even with your dream guy.

Being Too Clingy
Avoid acting a needy friend. If you're acting this way makes your BFF feel she's more like your mum than best friend. Space apart can be good for both of you and ensure that you come back fresh.

Always Giving Your Opinion
When your friend wants that kind of advice and ask you for it, it's great that you're available to give it to her.
Make sure you know when it's the best or worse time. If you offer your opinion about everything from her haircut to her boyfriend problem when she didn't ask you to weigh in, you could be really annoying to her. Remember that being a friend doesn't mean that you're automatically her life coach.

Spilling A Secret
You should never ever spill the details of something your BFF told you in confidence. Or we can call it a betrayal.

Being Me-centric
Be a good listener. Take an interest, ask how she reacted,ask how she's feeling now and what she thinks she might do. Instead of telling your friend how she should be doing, ask her what she thinks would help her life. Do not be self-centered.

Ignoring Her Text
Never send an email in response to a friend's call and don't habitually leave a message on her mobile or home number when you know she'll be unlikely to answer. Even you're busy with your stuff, call her and tell her you're unavailable and will catch up with her later. Your friend will feel she is needy and special.

I had always wanted BFF!!!!
I have made quite a lot of friends. when i was working at Genting Highland, friends i know in the campus, friends i know from friends and etc. However, those really can talk from heart to heart, Sigh... Not very optimistic...
Sometimes i feel really lonely T.T
People around me have got their activities with the other half even they don't have BFF.
For me, I really need my friends around me to have fun with..
I wish to have BFFs that really into me, being supportive, reliable and caring~~   
Last but not least, for those who need friends too.. welcome to know me!!!!



不知道从什么时候开始,有个勤劳的哥哥提供了素食经济饭delivery Service.
还有菜单做参考,每天有三十多种菜式人选三样,才rm3.00 NETT。
在这个星期里,我的房间三人-我,jeannie-ck & 美珍常常帮称那位哥哥~
刚刚看了菜单,原来那位哥哥大名——MR LAI. 0166224228
虽然有一两次MR LAI还是会迟到。我们都饿到没力气了 =o=
我在tropicana City Mall工作时,也遇到他把菜单交给店员点菜。他连Shopping Mall的生意也做。
 其实这样也好,那些sales person和店员都可以吃到更便宜的食物。
所以大家,如果有兴趣就帮称这位MR LAI吧~


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Coming soon

Christmas is now around the corner!!
There are Christmas decorations everywhere, especially in the shopping malls.
People starts judging and comparing the decorations between malls. Some said Mid valley's deco is better than One U. Some feels deco in M.V is too kid-dish.
When i was 15-20, Christmas used to be the holiday i loved so much. The day i was dying to have it to come.
I spent the day at Genting Highlands almost every year. In fact, I had only missed 1 year from 15-19.
Having blast with brothers and sister and also dearest friends was really really FUN.
Recent years, the eagerness have disappeared. Maybe because i have grown up.
Looking at the amazing decorations doesn't excite me anymore.
Is this one of the symptom of ageing?
Or maybe i need a great party to make me alive again!
Dear friends,
My facebook and phone is standing by 24 hour 86400 seconds a day for your call!!
Let's have fun!
Deco at Mid Valley centre court

Jeannie and me with my favourite Rabbit doll (The same as mentioned in previous blog)

Of course we would let it snow

Poor expression...

Three of us

Lonely Ballerina

Who wants this?

Shhhhss..Rabbit is sleeping~

Gotcha...! This girl took photo of herself =.=
The focus here is the bear and horse behind her.. haha^^
Many photos...haha... End of story
Wishing everyone have great celebration on Christmas!
Night world =)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Facebook啊,玩CS啊。。结果一天拖一天,到最后都没有写博客 。好失败哦 =o=
晚上呢,追戏追到凌晨四五点,其实我还不想睡觉的。很想继续看下一集,可是想到自己追戏到这样迟,真的十分不健康。。 良心发现,就去睡觉,明天再继续。
《义》里面,有很多悲剧。。很多感人的情节,感触~看了很心酸。也害我流了很多眼泪。SAD T.T


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Speak now or forever hold your peace

 I am writing this after listening to Taylor Swift's new hit " Speak Now".
I have only been to a western wedding ceremony held in a amazing outdoor garden once in my entire life.
It was 4 years ago. 
It was a great experience where i witnessed the whole ceremony exactly like in those English movies.
I was considered still young that time so i did feel strangely curious about those words said by the bride, the bridegroom and the preachers.
" Speak now or Forever hold your peace" a sentence said by the preacher at the end.
And it is the last chance for either the bride or the bridegroom to protest or to quit.
Well, i believe most of the weddings we have seen ended peacefully.
Anyway, can you imagine when either side protest and just runaway from the ceremony?
It would be the historical moment...

"Speak now or forever hold your peace"
Sometimes it appears in our heart, it becomes a question we would like to ask.
Like when the guys we admired have belonged to somebody else
and at this moment what you wanna do is lay the cards on the table and give this one last shot.
Your heart is racing and what do you think he's gonna say??

Life is a funny thing.
When we have a chance to do or say something we should, we just skip it.
Maybe because we didn't realize that it is the right timing or bad timing.
Then, we always look back and regretting the words we didn't speak up when we had a chance to say it.
Have you regret for not saying " I love you" to somebody? " I am sorry" for the people you hurt? or even " I hate you" to the person you really hate?
or the words you wanna share with your mum? telling her how much you love her?

We all know life is short...
 if we're not gonna say the words now, when do we have the chance to speak it again?
Unless you're a song writer like Taylor swift or Jay chou that speak it through a song...
What if word you say can change the things? you'll never know that....

Saturday, December 4, 2010


双鱼座爱幻想, 他们爱作梦,也无时不在幻想,

爱幻想,也导致我爱乱想, 每次都在乱猜测. 这样其实很辛苦的.
有些事情根本就不需要我去想,因为不值得去想, 或者也根本没有这回事,而是爱幻想的我,幻想出来误当以为真,然后就开始乱想.
所以,什么<<冬季恋歌>>, <<蓝>>我都没有看.

所以有时乱想了就会跟自己说: " 不会是真的啦.我想象出来的几时有成真过? "
但是,还是很难避免我继续乱想, 很矛盾吧? 

1st Year的我

Please don't Hurt me @.@ 好羡慕它水汪汪的眼睛