Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A piece of mind

Have you ever had a moment that you thought you'd figured out everything, only to see that moment slip away?

Have you ever thought you could grip a moment that you never want it to go away?

Yes. I have.

As everything starts to slip away, we grip it.
We grip wonderful moment, we grip our youth, and we grip everything we never want to slip away.
We grip it, with the intention to make it stay the same, stay unchanged.
The truth is, nothing stays the same. People and things keep changing as this universe continues to orbit.

But things are so bizarre.
As bad thing comes, you want it go go away, as fast as it could.
But at that moment, you don't realise, when you want it to go away, as rapid as possible, time also runs away rapidly.
And at the same time, you wish to keep your youth, your beauty and your belongings that you want to keep.
So.. how could time can do so many things for you?

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