Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fighter- My Mom

To my beloved, dearest and honourable Mom,

She is a fighter.
She is so strong and she is the greatest Mom ever.
She has this angel-like-kindness.
She did 4 jobs to raise us.

She knows everything, from car maintenance>tyres>house chores> Everything
she cooks heavenly dishes.

She was a fighter and she is always a fighter.

I'm praying that she will live healthily, happily and wonderfully ever after.
God, please listen to my prayer and let my mom be blessed.
Fingers crossing.

Fingers crossing.


  1. hey didnt know ya had a blog here.. just comin by and read ya posts here..
    ya lovely sis :)
    Marina etuci

    1. @marina sis, I'm so glad you visited. Yeah i had this blog a year ago. You can read the 2011 part. i think I like the year most =)If only you have time. How did you find out this blog anyway?

  2. yeah been reading ya blog for a while, and i found ya blog from ya g+ about me page hehe..
    tot to add ya to my chatlist but somehow i couldnt, ive tried to invite ya for chat but it seems gmail doesnt allow meh, is it the email or the username that u used is different with the email :)
    hey! i love ya nails at the pic under followers of this page.. who did that or u did it by yaself?

    1. It's my pleasure to have you here. As you can see, the readers are getting fewer and fewer. I knew why.. A part of them is something to do with distractions.
      Yah.. like me, I would love to add you in the list. I couldn't find you too and I thought you don't allow chats! Haha!!

      Alrite, then I'll try again!
      Owh.. about the nails. I loved it too. Unfortunately and dissapointing, it seemed that I don't have such art genes in me. The nails were fake nails. All I did was so simple. Bought from store and chose the correct sizes according to my finger nails, lastly, stuck it up on nails. =P
      I wish I could say I did that. You should read the post. Find http://jacksjye.blogspot.com/2011/03/beautiful-night-ii.html