Monday, April 8, 2013


Time flies...
As much as I am living every second of it, time still slips without realization.

It's the middle of the semester.
One mid sem test has passed, and I think I just did terribly on it.
Now, nothing I could do more other than praying and hoping.

A year ago, things were so different.
Different place, differant people around.
Now I still have to stay up studying, but the feeling is so different.

In kolej, when you were staying up, you looked out the window from the books,
you saw people's lights on, people burrying their heads on their books.
In the study rooms, you saw familiar faces, you discussed your problems with close coursemates.
Your friends told you which part you should be concentrate.

All those moments only has become the things that I cherished.

Yeah, we always hear that they say, "look forward."

that's what i am doing, and I hope everyday is wonderful for me.


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