Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating first blog of October

Wow..i was really exhausted the whole day.
Especially after spending my weekends on my part time job at CIMB amart rewards fiesta.
It was a new experience for me as i have never worked at this kind of exhibition.
And why? It's all because my boss Andrew would never want me there.. haha..
But this time really a good experience for me.. It was quite an enjoyable job..
except some parts that involved the other two new sexy girls....
I am not gonna talk about the bad parts here of course..
Ahh....I slept during my evening time and missed my golden time for sports.
I was supposed to go jogging and volley ball practice..
But whatever~~~

Shytt.. I have typed quite a lot of things..
and then this mozilla Firefox came into some errors and then when they recover the page
They gave me this......WHAT THE.......
Whatever, i am really tired..
Gotta get back to my assignment..
See ya~ Good nite everyone

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