Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wrong start

Wow..Long time.
I have really busy life recently.
With loads of assignments keep coming to me, as if tons of boxes keep dropping onto my head from above.
And then, with my consistently volleyball practices every evening. Even twice a day lately.
Oh..those practices are totally useful, since Monday will be our first match in SUKMUM.
And i have to train for my stamina for my talented events in track and field.
Talented?? haha..not really. Should say I used to be talented and the last time i get a silver medal is 2 years ago..

My close friend, sheepyeoh had agreed to make a list of things that should be done in University before we graduate. However, before the list is made, I have done some activities which is never done before in my whole 3 years of university life.. Shame~

I went to cheer for the guys volleyball team which representing my kolej. With both of my roomates.
And it was really cool! " Fifth kolej, Go to hell!", "Damn U, fifth!", "Sepuluh Sexy!","Eleven Shuai!", ":Fifth, Balik la!" and etc etc and ect.... Everything came out together with excited screaming from our mouth. That is completely undescribeable FUN and AWESOME! Though, all of the matches totally drove us crazy! We were almost suffocated by the exciting scene. Our heart beats pretty damn fast. And you know what is the feeling when your windows of your soul witnessed the speed of the ball when it is spiked by the gorgeous player. No.4 and No. 11 seemed to be our favourite. haha...

For the first time in my University Malaya life, i take part in Volleyball, representing kolej. For the first time, 11pm in the night, i was still practicing volleyball. For the first time, slipped and fell at the staircase after swimming because of the slippery faked CROCS slippers. For the first time, so exciting about go swimming.

The amazing part includes Counter-strike team consists of my roomates, me and sheepyeoh. Our great mission against the Terrorist! Catherine Zhu Shan always scared of terrorist, Meifen likes to follow me, Haha... How about Sheepyeoh? she is a freak, she likes to squat at a corner and guarding for the bomb bag dropped by the terrorist, and she often ended up dying.. haha.. we always screamed for help when surrounded by those stupid cruel terrorists.

I can't think of the activities done. They are too much and too much FUN. Happy or sad.. I feel brand new. These are my LIFE.. Life belongs to me should be like this.. All of the past activities, "gang" issue, quarrels, fight, being stabbed at the back, skip classes for stupid activities, being sick and lonely, sleep in the room during evening, fall in love with some jerks, etc. were not FUN at all....

Maybe it is already too late for me to realise, but i really had the wrong start from the beginning. I had the wrong friends, wrong group, wrong information... everything wrong... My thoughts, what was i thinking!!! Kind of angry of myself. now, it's already final year for me. and my past university life really was dull and boring, NO SPARKS, no fun. However, what i have always heard people say" the past is the past, Let it go."

Maybe they are true about this, I can't do anything about that. What i can do is appreciate every minute and every second. I must add oil. This time sports must bring back medals. And achieve good result in study too~

Let's hope it is not too late now. Thank you, my friends for being there for me~ Hope you all enjoy the moments as i do~especially my roomates and sheepyeoh, It is pretty great to see you all happy, see your Smiles.. hehe~~

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  1. I m not a call smart k....:-p...So good to see you happy =)..lets rock the left over final years la