Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful night

Ahhh... Time couldn't just stop and rest for a while!
Clock can't just stop ticking not even for once~
There comes a perfect full stop of our CC Reunion Dinner.
So it's a plus one event in the list of marvelous moments.
An add-on in the reminiscence of campus life.
So uh...It was a beautiful night.
Girls were all dressing to kill. Some fitted in cheongsam, some in sexy dresses.
Guys?? I didn't notice anything extra-ordinary special.
My eyes were too busy with those pretty girls in pretty dresses and high heels.
I think guys were busy peeping at them too.

The multimedia were amazing. Especially multimedia prepared by 3rd year. Almost got me crying.
The stage show, the awards and most of the things were just similar every year,
maybe this is what we call "Tradition".
For me, each year the most exciting part was the Q&A for the couples, to test their understanding among each couple and of course, to dig into their secret which includes when they first kissing, where the guy had confessed his love to the girl... Some did tell interesting love story.. Haha...
I feel lucky enough for never getting up there. Which is quite a shame thing to share to some people.
Maybe they'd laugh at you if you told them NO ONE literally falls for you for the whole four years here.

Time wasn't enough for me to take photos with everyone I know there.
Then this is the end of the beautiful night and now I am feeling really tired.

I will write again soon.

Raise your glass and have a toast


Me and Miinyee

My mum

Hehe~Leng zai and Leng lui

I want this book

With jackson

With Jeannie

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