Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 May

Awful training...
Both my arms can hardly be straightened now..
Well, they CAN be straightened, but I have to endure great pain at my biseps...
And it's literally PAINFUL when I have to grab things more than 1kg, even a cup of coffee.
No joke T.T
Tonight will be an exciting night
~*~Good Luck and All the Best~*~❤❤❤


  1. What did u do to urself? U r running like wind, tat day when u passed by us, lol~ WHat kind of training is that? SUperhuman training? LOL~

  2. max: the pain even greater after i woke up..It's a training for kayakers. The coach ask me to lift up a bench up and down for 5 minutes. Gosh.. I didnt know it hurts so much...I still not running like wind la.. You are faster than me. If i could run your speed then only fast oh... =)

  3. Lol~ If we jog together, I sure left behind u lo, haha! Kayak is so strenuous, I only kayak once in the beginning of 2nd Sem, then no more le. But it's fun. =)

  4. @max: i dont care ah... no matter who left behind, we must jog together lo... LOL..=)

  5. then nw leh?? after HIJAU u shud sing 我的手脚不是我的 dy lo....