Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's so Arduous

Exam week..
It's still a long way to go.
It's bitter and suffering.
FYP and exam together.
It's so killing.
But, please..
Don't die.

Minyee's status: 
Siewjye Chow 四年了,我们捱过了。。明天和今天一定要咬紧牙根,捱过它们!! 

We'll get through this! Crossing fingers firmly...

On this bumpy road to a “better life” that I ride everyday... I wish...I Could get through this!


  1. Gambateh^^ sure you can, free jor date me out yam cha :) haha

  2. VampireQi: yaya.. free liao sure date you~~ Miss you so much ah..it's so long long didnt see you!

    玫桦: Thanks ya =)

    boon fui : Thanks.. you too!! enjoy your days!!

  3. Ntg can beat u eh, the Fe girl of my heart LOL~ Fe=Iron...(consequence of studying)

  4. Max: Haha... I will take that as compliment. By the way, Fe girl? The best term I have heard!!! LOL too...