Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penang I'm coming!

I'm going to Penang this weekend!!! Yeeehoooo!!!!!
So it's official now. Check the ticket below!

Haha.. It's going to be a 2 days 1 night trip only. Too short? Yeah, it's short. But let's hope it's gonna be a short but meaningful and full of fun! And it's gonna be a part of my memories.
Jeannie, see you in 2 days?

The purpose I'm going: Penang Bridge International Marathon.
It's genuinely a part of my wishlist since I was 18, maybe earlier but it became a must-achieve-thing clearer and clearer when I was 18 at Kedah Matriculation Collge. When I was there, there are too many North Malaysian especially Penangite in matric wearing the finisher tee and made me green with envy!

Now I'm gonna accomplish a must-achieve-thing in wishlist!
Let's hope the best of me and a SAFE trip. Thanks.

Going to write soon...


  1. Wow!!! Awesome Siew Jye ^^ How was the result? Anyway, I saw from another friend's blog that featured the nice-looking finishing medal, man, that's so great ^^

  2. Nice and great experience~ ^^ will be challenge again~

  3. Max: Haha.. Have you joined this before? About the result, it was my first half marathon afterall, I did 2 hours 48 mins. Hehe.. Do not laugh ya =) Yeah.. the medal was good-looking and was peuter, Jeannie liked it very much. Haha.

    Jeannie, Yaya.. Indeed GREAT! Tired and wasting cos missed our sleeping time and breakfast at hostel. We must go next year again!!!!

  4. siao meh, considered very very fast le, I nv ran half marathon before. I rmb last time my quarter (10km) marathon clocked at 44 min. But that time was already tired to continue another 10++km, so ur time considered very very good. Wah! Pewter made medal =) nice!!!!

  5. Max, wanna try half next time? Hehe... 10km different la, u need to push faster pace mah..
    Let's try.