Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First Malakoff Dualthon

Here is the time to write.
Oh Right, about Malakoff Dualthon, saddening me, my team lost.

My team made it in 7th place in Mixed Team Categories, right behind another UM mixed team which got 6th.
Another UM team for Men Team Universities Category got the 8th place. 
Puzzled and sad. Did we disappoint the UM Sports Centre, and also the UM students slash volunteers who were standing under the sun supporting us while they were dutying?

We were left behind other team during the cycling section, our bicycle was not the kind which is expensive and was not even mountain bike. The bike was rent from UM Sports Centre. That was why we could not catch up to other bicycle riders. And delaying timing. I ran badly too when it was my running time.

I was the last runner. It was very tiring. The route in Rimba Ilmu was very tough for me. I had had not enough training. This is the consequence. The route was a little inclined and I think my weaken mentality obstructed me to push harder. This is NOT GOOD.

I need to train harder. And this has crossed my mind.  If Amirul Syazwan can do it, so can I.
Thanks and good night.

I will write soon.

This picture again =)


  1. I was too late to say Good luck, aiks. U had tried hard, as you also have pointed out the condition of your bicycle might be the cause of your team failure. Try again next time, learn the lesson and memorized it =)