Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10th July

My Taekwondo senior, Ragu (first row, third from left) posted this photo on his Facebook wall.

Sukan Remaja Pahang 2005. I was qualified for SUKMA after getting silver in this competition. Ragu and I were the only chosen from Master Liu to join the Temerloh Contingent in Sukan Remaja Pahang. The tournament took place in TLDM Kuantan. I remember on the day of Final, my mates who were in the same Taekwondo class with me included my younger brother Cheng, who was one my best friend Lynn came together by Master Liu's car. (2nd row, second from the left)

I cried after I lost to Kuantan representative in the Final. Then I sit at one corner and cried so hard. It was my first defeat. It was the first time the referee's hand did not point to me. Then many caring people came to me. One of the coach checked my wrist and fingers if I was injured. According to him, he noticed that I did not lock my fist during the sparring. He thought I was injured.

And the moment that I remember very clearly and I swear I will not forget it for the rest of my life. My Coach Master Liu came to me too. He said:" You don't need to cry. You did very excellent in there." And he convinced me that it was my first major tournament and I was still fresh and my opponent had more experienced than me. But I was still upset. And what came next from him was indeed touching.
 " You're a very good Taekwondo athlete. I knew it since long time ago. And you made me proud in front of so many people. Everyone said you were good. 教练是不会看错人的。 Now don't cry anymore."

Everything he said mattered to me so much. I was so thankful for him. He's the greatest Taekwondo Coach in my life. I missed that moment so much.

I'm grateful for having such mesmerizing moment in my life.

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