Thursday, July 12, 2012

12th July Looking forward to Langkawi

Counting down ONE more week to go!

I'll be in Langkawi Island next week!! Five of us will be in Langkawi Island! We'll depart from airport from Thursday and come home on Sunday!
WOohoo!!!! Hooray!!!!

I have only been to Langkawi once, when I was 17 and I went there with a whole Taekwondo Team of MRSM Kuala Terengganu for Kejohanan Taekwondo MRSM Se-Malaysia! The unforgetable times! I still keep my name tag which they had printed our name on it for every participant

With the curving roads up and down the hills. And the beautiful view passing by when I looked outside from the bus window. Then the jetty, the boat we were riding, the deep blue sea. We were so young, escorting by our Taekwondo coach and teachers. We did not visit around the island since we were there for tournament. Our accomodation was provided by MRSM Langkawi. We had only visited at one of the mall which I did not know what was the name of the mall and we stopped by the Dataran Lang. That was all.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun there during tournament. Guess what? I got GOLD!!!

Next week, I'm going to experience the trip. And I know the moment I see the things there, maybe a restaurant or even a pathway is going to remind me of the time. I'm ready for it!!

Well, I hope all five of us, consisting of Samuel, Ann, Yong Ling and one of their friend, last but not least, me are going to have safe journey,  blessed, wonderful, enjoyful and delirious trip!
See you when I'm home on Sunday!

I'll write again.


  1. Langkawi is a fun place, enjoy your trip :)

    1. ALright.. then I'm going to have fun! Thank you!!