Monday, December 24, 2012

Meant For It

I am grateful that I'm given this gift.
This kind of special gift that not everyone is awarded with.

I am meant for it, meant for sports, meant to beome this active girl.
I play most of the games, from track and field, badminton to volleyball.
Although not very expert in each of the game.

When I was 16, when I first ran 400m I won gold in district of Kuala Terangganu.
And was selected for the district team, made me the first female student from MRSMKT to go for the state team in track event.
Terengganu has always been the best state when it comes to sports.
And my 4x400m relay team won gold in MSSM Terengganu.

In the meantime in MRSM, I took part in Taekwondo, and I won Gold in Taekwondo Championship MRSM Se-Malaysia and also several medals in club championships.

And I was selected to compete in Sukan Remaja Pahang which I won silver in my category, defeated by a 21 year-old Kuantan fighter and immediately brought me to the SUKMA team of Pahang.

When we were made compulsory to take Hockey in one of the week in first sem of Form 5.
I impressed the Hockey's teacher of MRSM in our 2nd lesson and news and rumours spreaded that I played it great in class.I didn't even know what made me play that so easily.
I was invited by the coach of Hockey's team to play Hockey. But my track coach turned the offer down.

In MRSM we had to undergo the physical test every semester. And my record for 2.4km run stayed still which was below 12 minutes. And that year I won first in cross-country 5km of the school and I was selected for cross country event of the state. I got 12th, sadly.

In my university years, when I first exposed to Kayak, I was spotted and selected to MASUM 2011 and I got 3rd place in TK2 with my partner Shakirah which shocked most of the people out especially the coach. No one had expected me to win and with only 1 month of short training and I was given the most hopeless event. During training, the coach had assigned me to this event because it was the most hopeless event to win because of the existence of national kayakers from what I was told.

And I never mentioned, I can't swim, at all. So I took swimming class since October which offers 12 s
lessons in UM swimming pool. After some practices, that swimming instructor, I never knew her name shocked within the last 2 classes and asked me whether I knew how to swim before came to her class. She loved the way I swim and she said those strokes were so perfect. And she said I'll be qualified into competition if I train more. I know she mean it since she did not tell 15 other swimming learners in the class Of course, I was thrilled.
I really appreciate what she was saying. Means alot to me. It is all like Deja Vu, so similar with the Hockey stuff the coach told me.

So I figured, I'm quite good at this. =) Thankful. now I recall everything and I found out I'm really meant to do good in sports. All I need to do is just focus and put in more effort.

Thanks to the sporty gift I have been awarded. However, there were a lot of opportunities to outshine that I missed. Life's like this. You fall, you take, you give and you lose. So look ahead and all the thing I have missed become something I cherish.

 Write again =)

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