Thursday, December 6, 2012


I skipped his class for 2 weeks in a row. And then he approached me to ask about the reasons or excuses.

I have never seen him asking this from other students who had been absent.

So I took it he care about me since I am the only Chinese female student in his class.
Then, I made a promise, I swore I'd never skipped his class again.

And until so far, I'm so proud of myself that I keep my words.
Although sometimes, the urge to go swimming or the urge to rest after morning run fight against the promise so hard.
I did it however. And I hope everything will be going fine in this last 3 weeks of lecture in this semester.

My project presentation will be next week 16th December 2012.

I'm struggling now, for the fact that I have not done any analysis yet.

I have been staying up until 2am or 3 am since Sunday until today.

I sincerely hope all these staying-ups come out with something valuable and worthy to this project.

Which is why, I am going to end this post now and resume my journal-research with my panda-eyes.
Well, dear pandas sorry for using that phrase just because this phrase look ugly on me.

Let everything goes well.

Write again soon.

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