Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday Celebration of the Little Twins

18th January 2013.

Have been busy recently and I'm feeling sick now with a little sore throat.
I have not sick for a very long time, so I guess it's a little signal from my body.

<3Well, 18th January, Friday evening, I went to my friend's twin brother and sister's birthday.
They are 4 years old, and they are a little too cute. 

<3Their house is in Block A, Juta Mines Condo which I have been staying here since September last year.
I was a little awkward when Mudher asked me to go to the birthday celebration.
I have not experienced birthday celebration in someone's house for so so long time.
Until I couldn't remember when was the last time. 

So... then I went. His brother's name is Ali and sister's name Rekah.
They dressed in decent lovely clothes. Rekah was like a princess.

First, it was a little awkward because I don't speak Arabic ( I would love to learn). Things got better though.
I got to say, they loved to take photos.

Is it only me who thinks they are cute? <3<3<3

Rekah, the little princess<3
Ali, the famous cutie =P
The birthday cake
I like the bread...
Check this out! She has blond hair!! And yeah.. they are original!

Why did you look at me?

The family =)
And then, cake lighting moment...

The big brother of all<3

Happy birthday cuties
And then it continues...He is photogenic..

Modeling for Coca-cola
The Chicken
Eye Trick Haha =)
Strike a post!<3
And then, they were dancing, <Gangnam Style>, and some Iraqi songs which I had no idea about. They made me move with them too... 
They were dancing, Joget-joget
The friendly mother

Guarding her cake
After meal, there was diasater... They were throwing candy to each other, to me... =(
And of course, there was balloon moment, which they started to 'stab' the balloons...

 ___________Party ends __________

<3I'm thankful that they invited me.
<3I had fun, real fun... =P

<3And I hoped I didn't say or do anything wrong.
<3And I hope this 2013 brings happiness, lucks, health and the best for all of us.


  1. Wow you have Arabian fren! The twins are really cute, marry one Arabian and your children will be as cute as them. XP

    1. Wah.. hooi Sim you now research for genetic ah.. you sure will have cute children or not? Haha... Ya lah.. I met them in the condo mah.. yalor but the boy super like to cry... adui.. keep asking for my Galaxy note..