Friday, January 25, 2013

Curious Friday

It's Friday... Should I say:" Thank God, it's Friday?"

Arghh... Jay Chou's new song <爱你没差〉affects my mood so much..

Darn...Why do you always make me emotional with your song?
 I spend 12 years loving you, Jay Chou!!!! 
Since I was in my early teen, until my teenage crush, and now.
And I'm so thankful that I'm not alone. I have my brothers and sisters loving him with me.
 I really love his song especially this one and <明明就>

Dedicating this song to my brothers and sister, Mom and Dad...and everyone who likes and appreciates this song, (Thankful)

Things change all the time. 
Jay is a more mature man.
I'm no longer the same girl. My friends change.
The guys I had crush changed. My brothers changed.
My feelings changed.
My blog changed.

I hate when I crush into someone.
Because it sucks and nothing has ever worked out.
It's always in a single way.
Sometimes I wonder how did two person fall into couple so easily.
And mine has always had to get through the hard way.
Eventually, all I got is zero.
And yes, don't ever believe into Fairy Tales.

That's right <3<3

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