Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tear-inducing Matters

I am a born baby girl who cries so easily...
Well, I just am the one.

I don't know the reasons, but I do always wish I could be stronger.
I cry over a lot of reasons, some are weird resons.

   I cry when I think about my Mom. Missing her and thinking abut what is she doing now.
   My mom was diagnosed for having kidney failure last October. She was unbelievable and so depressed by the fact. She cried everyday, thinking she could not survive this. She is the strongest woman I have ever met in my life. Now that she got through the hardest time, she goes back to the busy business woman life. Everytime I think about what she is doing, my eyes get teary, my nose gets sour, and chill in my lungs. I really miss her now. She said she might be visiting me yeaterday, but she could not make it eventually. My world gets darker for the moment.

❤   I cry when the car gets hurt a little. I cry when it requires expensive car repair.

   I cry when I watch a sad movie. Lovers fall apart, death of someone, sad love story, and many many other scenes.

❤   I cry when someone I love break my heart, jealousy of the one I love, change of people attitude towards me, fighting with somone I love.

❤   I cry when I feel terribly sympathy to animals, people, beggars, the homeless, sad news, earthquake, natural disasters, wars and so on.

   I cry when I've got miserable. Whole bunch of assignments, tough subjects, hard examinations, got bullied, and when everything goes wrong.

So I think I have listed enough... I think I have a natural born heart made of glass. It is so fragile and vulnerable.
I want to be strong! Sometimes, when I feel like I couldn't help but crying, I read some inspirational quotes or videos to make me feel better and stand up. I think about what I have done and what I've gone through, convincing myself that this is nothing compare to what I have gone through. And there's a voice that telling myself not to cry although it still hurts. 

The voice is what makes me strong and help me through.
I could never afford to lose this voice inside of me. _____

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