Friday, December 6, 2013

December 2013

Ohhh, my blog,
I can't be sorry enough for abandoning you for so long time.

I've changed.
I don't know what people think of me now.
But mostly, the comments are,
"Jye, why are you becoming such an Emo person?"
" What are all those quotes, statuses about?"

Honestly, I figured about that some time ago.
I don't know what has gone wrong. I don't know which part have I done wrongly.
I have no idea.
All I could think is" Is this a part of growing up?"
" Can I survive this?"
"Will I get through this emo part?"
" Does being in love make me into this?"

I spot the difference when sometime I reviewed my past stautuses in facebook, (thanks to that timeline thing)
and when i reviewed the old photos.
Ohh yes, I used to be so happy, that smile..I've lost it.

Now I'm trying to find my happiness again.
I know I'll be happy again.

Now that final's around the corner. 
My focus now is to nail all these subjects and do well in final.
I know they all say, things will always be better.
I really hope so. Now it's almost the end of 2013. 
Time to make a New year Resolutions.

Have Faith <3
Write again soon. =)
I'll not abandon you again, my dearly blog.
Thanks for being here. Thanks for everyone who cares about me.

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