Friday, April 29, 2011

Curious Friday

It was my first exam paper this morning...
Gosh... it was so tough... Bless me. T.T
Logged in my Facebook page after exam this afternoon,
According to the notifications, i was tagged into a post.
And it turned out--------------------a post by my best friend.

好心你 Siewjye Chow 换张 profile picture. 昨天我当媒把你介绍给我的博士 friend,你竟然吃着 lolipop ╮(╯_╰)╭

Sounds so ridiculous...

What's wrong with my profile picture? Is it really turning people off?
 By the way, Snowxwhite, Next time if you wanna recommend me to guys by Facebook, do check my profile picture first.
And professor friend? Seriously?? Then i guess the guy must be more than 30.
Snowxwhite, It's just her....Keep introducing her so-called guy friends to me. Like I could never get a BF..
And her trick just never work out.
I unintentionally found these photos in a friend's album.
They were not tagged...
The character inside these photo are obviously......Haha...

I guess this person interested in becoming a paparazzi.
His skills in candid shootings not bad...

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