Monday, October 10, 2011

End of This Wonderful and Meaningful Busy Week

This whole has been a really rough and busy week.
Yet, those days were so beautiful and wonderful.
And every single second of those days is going to be keep firmly in my mind and heart, like a permanent tattoo.

I would like to thank to everyone that had contributed and participated in this special occasion, from preparing the convo, attending the convo ceremony and also the convo dinner.

Well, I have to admit, I'm weary and tired, with all those photo session, outings and gathering. Because I'm totally energized to meet all of you and that's why so many energy consumed.
And not willing to let those moment run away, not willing to let you walk away so soon took very much strength and energy from me.
I will miss all of you, VERY VERY MUCH!
And I have kind of started to miss you already!

Million thanks to First residential college Juniors!!
Thanks to CAD/CAM juniors. Thanks to my lovely all-guys buddy line, Jonathan Yap, Kong Kien Meng, Eric Lim and also Hoo Chin How.
Thanks to superseniors.
Thanks to Christine Ng, YongLing, and Windy.
Thanks to all of you for the awesome presents! I love them all very much =)

Last but not least, still
CAD/CAM Engineering batch 07/08

My all-guys buddy line, from left, Eric Lim, Hoo Chin How, Kong Kien Meng and Jonathan Yap.

Thanks my lovely friends!!!
My dear friends~~~

=) =)
 Write again soon.


  1. I am happy for you, Siew Jye. I hope we could still be able to meet each other =) all the4 best ^^

  2. VampireQi: Thanks. When is yours?

    @Max: Thanks Max. The hard works from the past finally is paid. i really had a great convo celebration with all of you and it's happy to see you again. I hope so too. You know, if I could meet you one day, then I must be lucky that day, since you are so busy. But keep it up, Fe Boy. Haha =) You take care too okay =) See you around =)

  3. Wa, I saw me n my roommates photo v u, surprise! <3

  4. Shih: and if you're aware of this "my dear friends.. hehe...

  5. haha, i aware =)
    so i told mei sin, dont ever 4gt she promised u 2 call u out

  6. Thanks shih.. indeed she promised!!!