Thursday, October 13, 2011


I always thought I am strong.

I thought I am independent, thought I am tough.

But in fact, I am very weak, although I hate to admit it.

I panicked when problems come to me, I couldn't solve it, I cry when I could not solve it, I called my Mum when I got a traffic summons and I cried when I could not unlock the car when it was auto-locked with the car key inside, and with the engine still turning on.

I could not even unlock it when my's father mechanic friend told me how to do.
What a terrible person I am. That's what nowadays people always call, "Noob" and "Sucks".

And that's when my mum said to me, " Be Strong." Crying does not solve problem.

 She's TRUE. I have to be strong. I can't be a little girl forever. I can't be a Mama's girl who calls Mum everytime I meet problems and expect her to solve it.

Be Strong, Siew Jye.


  1. I encountered before the problem u faced! But that time I told myself, it's a test to my life, I won't make similar mistakes again. I felt better when I was self-convinced in this way. Nothing big deal, Siew Jye. You're already strong enough, u juz need courage to prove that u r INDEED stronger!

  2. Max, There are i indeed many things need to learn from you. Guess i need to convince this way too. But true, they are all tests to life, to make me grow stronger and wiser. I will learn from that. Thanks Max =)

  3. 身為朋友,除了加油還是加油~