Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm with Binge Eating

Until very recently, almost all of my friends who have not seen me for more than couple of months had given me the same response and words when they saw me.

"Oh! You have gained weight! Have you been stop exercising?"

Well, I have to admit even I notice that I have gained really a lot of weights.
Which I think I have this Binge Eating Disorder.
Look here to understand.

By reviewing the sypmtoms of binge eating. I found myself qualify enough for binge eating.

I have been eating large amounts of food, everybody says I have a super terrible appetite.
And if I was eating with people who eat only very little, I would eat again, quietly in my room.
Keep stuffing food inside my stomach.
And then, I would very regret and guilty. Keep blaming myself for not stopping earlier.
But the next time, I would do the same, same amount, same situation.

I know that I'm getting fatter, but I just couldn't stop eating more.
I hope it would be better if I write this down.

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  1. So it is time to exercise. Don't force yourself stop eating that much, because we are live for food. XD