Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jay Chou

Have you listened to Jay Chou's new album?


I love most of the songs!!!
Listening to his song, his voice, I feel like Jay is so near to me...
Beside me, singing to me =P =P

Yeah, I must be dreaming.... Ahhhh...Grrrr...
I can't accept person who does not like Jay.
No kidding...

Last week, when I spent my CNY holidays at home,
my sister and brothers all except my biggest Bro,
kept humming his new songs!

And the funny part was when my sis used her own style, trying to mimic the way Jay did in the last part of <明明就>.
The part he sings 明明就  明明就 明明就。。。

Haha... I bet you can imagine, if you have already listened to his songs...
Ahhh...Mazz...Ennngg...  right?

音乐谁领风骚  我却只为  你  折腰
杰伦, 谁说你的手语我听不懂?

Haha... <3<3<3

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