Monday, January 20, 2014

Being so sick

It's a big relief when the final exam of the semester 1, session 2013/2014 has finally waved goodbye.
Just a day after the last paper, I was having a 3-day-long high fever.
A very rare sickness for me, as humble as I must to admit, I rarely fall sick.
The last time I was fever was almost 11 months ago. (Thankful)

I was having cough and cold during the exam week, and I didn't have the guts to consume the coughing syrup ,
for it could cause drowsiness, I didn't want to sleep through the study hours.
So the night after the exam, I courageously drink a full 15ml of the coughing syrup and fell alseep of the drowsiness.

When i woke up next morning, I didn't feel well, the cough got worse than the night before, and the temperature in my body was higher than usual,
I could feel the heat on my forehead, and through my exhalation.
But I ignore it, drove to Bangsar Village for a dental clinic visit, and have a hang-out-lunch with my friend, Jeannie.

I drove home with my eyes forcefully opened, and with the air-conditioning in my car switching on and off.
I was thankful I reached home safely, and then I had the medicines I got from pharmacy and went to bed.

My friend, Naeemah, an Iraqi woman, with 2 daughters came to see me. She didn't want to leave until she persuaded me to her house, for watching the fever on me, she said that I could be dead in my own room if the fever worsen during midnight.

So I was suffered with the fever for more than 24 hours, no better condition observed.
They sent me to a nearby clinic and then the doctor gave me some medicines.
The temperature went down after another 24 hours. I was going to do the blood test for dengue before I was slightly better.

Wowww... I realized how vulnerable I could be. I was so unbelievable of my own body. I could never imagine I would get sick, and it was a total no fun. During critical time, I was asleep most of the time, feeling the uncomfortably-coldness, coughed till it was so had to gasp for air, the uncontrollable warm tears down the cheek, and the unswallowable appetite. Ahhhhh... Gross...

I am thankful anyway, for nothing got worse than that, and for having such caring friend, Cellyn who kept texting me to check on me, for having a kind-hearted Iraqi friend, Naeemah for taking care and keeping an eye on me.

Write again soon.
Being healthy is a blessing

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