Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last in 2011

On 24th December, Wendy brought me to Jelebu Seremban for a run, which is known to be the last running event held in 2011, Larian Bukit Tangga.

I didn't know it was a 12km uphills until I got there, which I was totally bewildered.
And I was getting more stunned after the 6km because the uphill road were not typical slopes we have encountered. Contrary, they are far more inclined, almost 80 degree, far more inclined and long than our infamous Bukit Cinta.

I gave up after 7km, and started walking until the end of the Bukit Tangga. And I got 18th place which won a cash prize of RM50.
Fortunately, I have achieved obscure target set by Wendy ( 19th place) But she seemed undeligtful because I arrived at finish line after a few mid-aged women.

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