Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lonely Christmas

This year on Chistmas, I was spending it alone.

Nobody asked me out, which was not surprised at all.
So, atonishingly, I stayed at home full time from 24th's night -26th December.
It was a simplified Christmas which I spent by watching 5 episodes of latest season of CSI Las Vegas and some outdated movies in DVD which I borrowed from my friend.
Of course, these dramas and movies intersected by some afternoon naps and walk around the house.

Sarah Wilson said that "Christmas is like cheap pizza – all cheesy, intoxicating promise, but somehow (so disappointingly!) winds up tasting like cardboard."

and it seems that mine tasting worse.

2012 is coming. Counting down 4 days.
Happy New Year to everyone.

Write again soon.


  1. hoping this year round it would be the cheerful christmas for ya! dont forget to grab the freebies ive done for this month at my g+ haha (promoting cehhh >,<