Tuesday, December 13, 2011

With Pleasure

Arggghh... I'm having 232 drawings to be printed out.. Busyyyyyyy..

I went to Varsity Lake to watch and support 1st Kolej Kayak Team on Saturday morning.
When I showed up at the shade where 1st Kolej Team was sitting. They were kind of surprised to see me.

And my ex-teammates which I had known them through last year SUKMUM were participating this year too. I'm so glad to see them.
Guess what?

They called me "Legend". " Ini Legend dah datang nie!" They said to others.
Oh...  I'm so glad I had that honour to be called LEGEND although I'm not that Legend.
I kind of amazed most of them with my performance last year. Thanks to my partner Peter Choo.
I had also gone through a lot to win from SUKMUM to MASUM although it was my first time to involve in kayak. It was not that easy as it looks.

This year's result was not as good as last year, I guessed it's because lack of training and guidance.
I figures when I got there that they did not even hold paddles in correct way. Sigh...
And mental is important, if you're not thinking to win, you will not win.
This is what I've learnt from authentic LEGEND.

With 1st Kolej Kayak Team 2011
Tomorrow will be an exciting day. Bless me.
Write again soon.


  1. Legend~ wish u win in Moonlight Jogathon! Good luck and gambateh! ^^

  2. I especially love the last sentence "if you're not thinking to win, you will not win."

    Kayak is really a tough game to play, especially for a girl lie you. You sudah LEGEND in the eyes of other, so you will be a LEGEND if only you BELIEVE yourself that you are.

    Good luck, pal =)

  3. Jeannie, Luck has been used and running out now. And I have alot catching up to do, so I will Gambateh, Thanks =)

    Max, I learned that sentence through my past experiences. Yeah, kayak is super fun, especially after you can handle the basics. Then you'll be doing great. Every starting is hard, after you get through the hard zone, then you'll be going into comfort zone, and put more effort to enter the success zone.

    Thanks Max! Luck to you too =)