Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st December A link to the past

I have made a new friend recently.
She's 20 years older than me.

If you had read my blog posts continuously this year. You might have read about her.
Let me clear out the clouds above your head first.

First and foremost, read this post first.
Sunday Life 18th April 2011

Then, aware of this paragraph:

It was a super great experience! Surprisingly, even auntie runs faster than me.
She came to me afterwards, to ask me whether did I train myself.
I said I was busy with my academics recently, and she turned out unhappy and accused me for giving so much excuses.
When I wrote about this, I was offended by her a little for saying my statement was an lame excuse.
When I wrote about her, she was totally a stranger for me.
and when I wrote this, I had called her AUNTIE, no offense to her.
And this makes sense when I said she is 20 years older than me.

The second time I have met her was in Dataran Merdeka.
She was so fast in recognizing me by calling "Miss" from my back.
and then we got closer and closer since last month.

Her name is Wendy Wong.
She is a fast runner in veteran category and she won in most of the races and triathlons.
And last week, when she brought me to Port Dickson for participating Malaysian International Army Run,
it turned out that she won the 7th place which I did not win at all.
And many people there asking if she was my Mum.
Which cracked her up and offended her a little because she could not believe she looked like my mum for her age.

P/S: she is still single

And what I could response was" Maybe it's not you who look old, maybe I look very young."
She said this answer convinced her a little Hope she mean it.

And UM runners thought she was my mum, and they said something really funny:" you punya mak lari lagi laju daripada awak la." and "you kena follow mak awak".

You see, sometimes, things are so bizarre and things you could never think of happen out of your expectation.
Like Wendy and me. She becomes a mum-like friend from a total stranger who complained about me.

I have to admit, it's surprisingly amazing.

I'll be writing soon. =)