Saturday, January 15, 2011

Curious Friday

A sleep over with Sabrina and Siew Yee at Siew Yee's house was absolutely AWESOME.
I have been friends with Siew Yee for 5 years. And I feel so ashamed that I did not know that she has a huge house, or you can call it a mansion. I bet her dad had spent over millions on that house, situated at Kayangan Heights.
Well, after some girlie talk and a movie together on her laptop, a clay mask together. 
Our girlie talk was really fun.We talked about who is being so bitchie lately and of course some XX talks...
It turned out that I am the most innocent one among them.
I have fewest experience in relationship with guys and also have never never never blah blah blah. Haha^^
Therefore, there were a lot of surprises for me. I kept my ears fully ON and my eyes widely opened most of the times. Hearing about their fresh and astonishing experiences. WHOAAAAA~~~
Sharing each other feeling is really COOL~ All of us realised that we should do it more often.
I am glad we are being together again.
We slept early as SY is going to have class the next day.
Her bedroom is so comfort which supposingly made me fall asleep faster than ever.
But I couldn't sleep.
When I closed my eyes, my mind kept thinking about the conversation we had.
Which WE from the above does not refer to Sabrina, SY and me.
Well, i am being so secretive now.
And you are so suspicious. 
Yeaa...There is some one. Some one who keep bothering my mind. 
Some one who makes me keep thinking @@
Conversation with some one is joyous, which I always desire for. 
But I am so curious what someone thinks about me~
How long will this situation last?