Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moonlight jogathon

Ahhhh...i am so exhausted!!! I am feeling like my body is signaling the red light, giving " low battery" sign..
Hoaaaa... and now i am inhaling more mucus~ This running nose has been haunting me for more than a week!!
Okay..Let's back to the point @@
I was taking part in a Moonlight Jogathon organised by 6th college (Which is practically all medic students residence) . Honestly, i wanted to do this since long time ago, which I mean since I first got into this campus. Unfortunately, there was no one close to me was interested and I was so silly for chickening out to do it alone.
This time, I was facing the same situation. It's not as simple as the situation which you're choosing a Vincci or Nose handbag. I have invited a few friends from Facebook. And only got ONE reply which she clicked attending. I was delighted and hopeful. " Luckily there's someone there who has the similar hope".
As the date of the race approaching, my friend seemed to have less interest. She didn't tell but I knew it. I could perfectly feel it. Whenever i asked whether we are going to participate, she didn't show any commitment in her answer. Maybe that was not an answer after all. She just asked me back " You wanna go?" or a simply " Don't know" and " not sure". Well, I hope I was not acting too suspicious. Being a Piscean makes me good at observing people. Ohh..please don't doubt that. Anyway, every piece of my heart was still hoping she would change her mind.

Then, there was the day arrived~
Knowing that she gave up the event, I send a message to a Malay guy who is surely taking part to let him know I would like to go together with him. 
There, I saw everyone dressed in vigor running attire, some wear shorts and some wear sleeveless marathon jersey with tights. Wow.. this is really making my heart pounds.
After some introduction-> rules -> and groupie stretching, the events came to the crucial beginning.

Girls were guided to the starting line, parking space near to the medical faculty. My heart was pounding really hard. Why I always have to be so nervous each time I am taking part in an event? I kept telling myself to be relax. Then I heard a female committee high-pitched voice:" Semua ready?" I did something really embarrassing which I raised my left hand and said :" Not yet. one minute please." The rest were looking at me horrifically, Okiee...I guess they were all really fully-ready.
Then, the whistle beeped. There were like 6 people ahead of me. I thought I must follow closer to the first participate. While running down the slope, I could feel my shoe laces of left leg started to loosen. Oh Gosh.. please not now.. However, I was able to hold until the runner behind me was far enough.

The race was harder than I have thought. I was completely suffocating on the halfway. I was being polite when the committee at the check point gave me the rubber band. I said " Thank you" to them as i thought it's hard for them standing there and waiting for us to pass through.

Oh..Finally and eventually, I ended the jogathon with second place, which I have maintained from the start of the race. And the 3rd person was far enough after me. But I was not proud at all because I was also being left quite a distance away from the first runner. Like usual, I lied down at the moment I reached the finishing line because I felt really suffering. I couldn't catch my breath...ZZzzzzzz

Skipping all the small details that had happened. To my surprise, my coursemates Jeannie and Miinyee appeared a few steps in front of me. I was immediately delighted.. Haha...While waiting for the prize giving ceremony, I have made friends with the medic students there. They were all kind and friendly. They were talkative and sweet... It was really my pleasure to know them. What I have got for winning were a piece of certificate, a silver medal and a big-sized T-shirts. @.@

So..this was really a great and precious experience for me. was 24 hours ago though, I can still feel the excitement. Now, I am really exhausted, I skipped Kenny Rogers gathering with my cousemates for volley ball game with my roomate and friends. God, they must be really mad at me...  Well, the volley ball game didn't happen right and end well due to some player arrangement mistakes. But, it was a great workout though.

And now I am sensing my muscular aching and a few part of my body are really painful. It's like my body has used up to the limit. It's time for rest. Finally finish the post for this event. ZZzzzz...
Jeannieck, Me and Miinyee. Watermelon as meal after run.

The participants,, Yellow shirt Rachel Chong.

Runners from my college

Haha~~My medal...

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~~~~~~~END~~~~~~~ I skip my class....Didn't mean to skip it =[



  1. hey, congratulations!
    Rmb to take rest!! XD

  2. lol link my blog pulak xD....hehe good final sem memory woo hoo