Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sleepover is a girl-must-have activity which must be done among girl friends.
I love sleepover as much as my besties Christine and Sbabe.
We rolled out a yoga mat, set up an extra mattress equipped with comforters and blankets on the floor.
The lighting was adjusted to a more comfort way.

We usually talked about our life. Three of us have our own life. I live in a campus, Sbabe is working in a lawyer firm, Christine's taking CLP at Asia Brickfield college.
We talked about the nonsense college life happened around us, the so-called low mean girls, how they watched you fall, how they ruin your reputation.We listened to each other patiently. And I mean it.
We too talked about guys, cute guys, meaningless guys, flirty guys..blah blah blah...

Our sleepover wasn't only about gossiping and talking.
Sometimes, we do manicure and pedicure. Sharing beauty tips, slimming must-know, and trying outfits.
We also applying facial masks together, reading books and listening to comfort music.
 In some exceptions, we did go out for supper!! Treating our desperate stomach with unhealthy food. Ahhh.. Supper is always unhealthy food. You know, it's hard to get healthy food at late night.

Sleepover with my besties is indeed  happy moments.
It's totally un-describable in word, nor in my writing.
Let's have a toast for my girls!!!

The next day, we went for swimming in a club house.
Poor Christine, she skipped her class for us.
Private Pool~
Ahhh~ Enjoy swimming!!

Dining at Kim Gary, The curve

Me and my favorite Instant mee
 Happy Sleepover and day shopping with my girlsss!!!!
Like Siewyee always say " Je t'aime Girls!"
Love you too~


  1. @Goldblog, Yeah..I love it.. It is Hong Kong branded instant mee, Nissin Noodles!!!
    Thanks for viewing my blog~~ Thanks!!