Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extremely tired

So here I am again... In my room at first residential college, UM.
Time passes indeed in super duper fast pace.
2 days ago, I was still in Genting Highland. Watching gambling, enjoying hot bath in deluxe hotel room, feeling freezing cold breeze, viewing misty environment.
Now, I am here, facing laptop, updating facebook, scrolling down my mouse over the webpage.
As usual, I have this strange feeling about leaving Genting. I experienced it each time.
Perhaps it's because I had had my special moments, memorable experiences and unforgettable events there.
Whatever it is, I am feeling extremely tired now.
In fact, I have so many things, a lot of events that i would like to jot down here.
But my brain is not functioning, my eye lids are heavy, I feel my muscles and my shoulder in distress.
Okay, so i am going to stop here.

I will write again =)


  1. i oso not yet write... XD
    coz feel tired oso... aft tat bec home liao pula... XD

  2. @jeannie: remember upload those photos oh =)