Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's all about GETTING OVER

Have you ever experienced that there are some things stuck in your mind? Like a fish bone stuck in your throat, remain there still no matter how much water you flush down through your throat.
These things impede the development of our daily life. Engulf the happiness and they prevent you from smiling and laughing. You're feeling as if there are pins being pinned all over your face. You can't smile over people jokes, comedies, or even when you see some fatty stumble over a banana skin.
Gosh...With those things stuck in our head, we live like hell!
Recently, a friend of mine had suffered from a broken relationship.
No offense, but that guy was a big jerk!!!
From her face, from the way she looks, the way she talks, of course especially her red and puffy eyes...
She must have cried over the night...
Although she has tried so hard to hide it, to pretend calm, I can perfectly tell that she is not getting over him.
Why is it always so hard? Why is it ALWAYS so hard to get over the one you loved? Even though he is a big fat liar, a dirty bastard or a total-loser, even though he screws up with your best friend.

" She needs time." That's what i heard from people around for like 100 times.
If it is a matter of time, then how long she needs to completely get through this?

"There's nothing we can do." Another sentence I heard for 100 times.
Yeah...right... I guess so. All of us want her to be happy.
There is nothing i can do more. Here i would like to dedicate a party song for her. (If she read this)
It's a party song by David Guetta (Which she adores a lot), Fergie, and etc.
Hope she could get over all the unhappy things as soon as possible.=)

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