Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Life

I have come up a decision to join a charity run with my lovely friends.

Event: Larian Amal Shapadu.
Venue: Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam
Date:17th April 2011
Distance: 4km

This is my first time i join race organized outside campus.
I get the 7th place in my category.
It was a super great experience! Surprisingly, even auntie runs faster than me.
She came to me afterwards, to ask me whether did I train myself.
I said I was busy with my academics recently, and she turned out unhappy and accused me for giving so much excuses.
Congratulations to Amirul Syazwan for winning.
And Thanks to him, for making this happen.
Thanks to Azrie too, for the photos. =)

I am tired.
I will be writing soon. =)
Good luck in final year project and final exam. =)


  1. 漸漸的,你會變成鐵人了。不累嗎?@.@

  2. CONGRATS, pretty iron lady! XD

  3. @Jeannie: 我也想做铁人。可是我还没有到那个程度啦!哈哈。。=)

    @Boon fui: Thanks you! =)

  4. @Max: Oohhh.. Max!!! You online too!!!!! Haha.. Thanks leh. Let's jogging together la.. Always so busy. After exam ya! =)