Sunday, December 26, 2010

What was happening during Christmas

On Christmas eve:
1. Walk from UM 1st residential college to Kerinchi LRT station slash Wisma Pantai
I usually take the route by walking to University station, then take the LRT Kerinchi station which is only a station away from University. Sabrina recommended that i should reduce my walking distance by walking from Um straight to Kerinchi station. So i convinced myself that i should follow her advice. The pedestrian pathway was quite a difficult way, the pathway was flooded by rain water at certain spots and missing bricks at middle part of the pathway which forced me to walk on the main road. And i was so uncertain about the direction since i have never used the route before. Lastly, i have spent more time on this new route than the old one.And when i reached there, i found myself sweaty and gasping for air eagerly.

2. Stuck in the traffic jam
Sabrina and I was stuck in the terrible traffic when we were only one U-turn away to Sunway Pyramid. The jam was so unworthy as it was caused by a breakdown car stopped at the right lane. We spent approximately 45 minutes to complete our U-turn. =.=

3. Received the warmest SMS of the season
Haha!!! I screamed excitedly after saw the SMS. It was short as a draft, but i felt really GLAD! Sabrina was kinda shocked at first and then she glared at me with one side of her lip lifted up after i told her what i was so excited about =.= Zzzz... Haha...

4. Have gracious dinner at Itallianese Republic
White wine, fried calamari and cheezy fried prawns with potatoes. Photos were taken and are still in Sabrina's camera.

5. Meet Wanting and fellow friends at @live
*******i am so speechless about @live as it was just a lame club or bar. Sabrina and I were not entertained by the so-called live band. For us, they were just fooling themselves on the stage. They should realized they were totally irritating. Time we checked-in 11.45pm. Check-out time 12.45pm. Shortest time i have ever spent inside club. David's friends have non-stop filled up our glasses. Sabrina used driving as a reason to reject. Unfortunate me, my head was so dizzy and i could feel the alcohol rolling in my stomach.

6. A Honda Civic headed to Jln Ipoh and the driver was not David
Sabrina was required to drive David's Honda Civic because David was in highly excited state from the effect of too much alcohol. Wanting simply doesn't know how to drive and I still felt dizzy in my head. Therefore, the chosen driver was Sabrina despite her zero driving experience in Auto-geared. Sabrina was so proud for given the chance to drive a Honda Civic..there are photos to remember this Sabrina with Honda Civic moments @.@

On Christmas:
1. Head to church with Sabrina and her family
Witnessed choirs singing Christmas Carols, humorous emcees, meaningful stage play. Meeting nice and friendly people there.

2. Outing with Sabrina's family
Had lunch at New Paris SS2. Sabrina's aunt is a loving and extra kind person. On the other hand, both her daughter are having homeschooling. First time i heard homeschooling in our country.

3. Ah dong slash Jacky's saloon
Ah dong/ Jacky is my sister's ex-boyfriend. That's how i know him. ^.^ It is the first time Sabrina officially meet Jacky. She had heard this name from me since 5 years ago when i knew her at Genting Highlands. Sabrina decided to have rebonding of her hair. Spent 3 hours in the saloon. Watching Jacky doing his job.

4. Dinner with Jacky
Dinner at Pitstop. Sabrina said Jacky is a nice person and i am totally agree.


  1. Hehehe... Suprise!!!!!! I seriously had a super duper wacko, friendly & sampat friend like U!!! Thanks for being a super duper Chi Mui.. hehe.. Hugsss!!! Muaxxxx!!! and Love u always!!! Sabby ;)))

  2. @Sabrina: Gosh!!!!! Unexpected reader~ I must be dreaming!!! Hehe... Wow.. Thanks for reding this.. Luckily i didnt write anything bad about you..hehe.. Just kidding larrr... Yeah.. I am feeling the same. It's really awesome and super great to have you!!! Love you too =)