Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Coming soon

Christmas is now around the corner!!
There are Christmas decorations everywhere, especially in the shopping malls.
People starts judging and comparing the decorations between malls. Some said Mid valley's deco is better than One U. Some feels deco in M.V is too kid-dish.
When i was 15-20, Christmas used to be the holiday i loved so much. The day i was dying to have it to come.
I spent the day at Genting Highlands almost every year. In fact, I had only missed 1 year from 15-19.
Having blast with brothers and sister and also dearest friends was really really FUN.
Recent years, the eagerness have disappeared. Maybe because i have grown up.
Looking at the amazing decorations doesn't excite me anymore.
Is this one of the symptom of ageing?
Or maybe i need a great party to make me alive again!
Dear friends,
My facebook and phone is standing by 24 hour 86400 seconds a day for your call!!
Let's have fun!
Deco at Mid Valley centre court

Jeannie and me with my favourite Rabbit doll (The same as mentioned in previous blog)

Of course we would let it snow

Poor expression...

Three of us

Lonely Ballerina

Who wants this?

Shhhhss..Rabbit is sleeping~

Gotcha...! This girl took photo of herself =.=
The focus here is the bear and horse behind her.. haha^^
Many photos...haha... End of story
Wishing everyone have great celebration on Christmas!
Night world =)


  1. =,= the last photo......zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. @jeannie: the last photo i edited the caption. What i want focus is the cute stuffs behind you!haha

  3. again... =,= zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    hahaha~ but they are cute.... ^^