Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Speak now or forever hold your peace

 I am writing this after listening to Taylor Swift's new hit " Speak Now".
I have only been to a western wedding ceremony held in a amazing outdoor garden once in my entire life.
It was 4 years ago. 
It was a great experience where i witnessed the whole ceremony exactly like in those English movies.
I was considered still young that time so i did feel strangely curious about those words said by the bride, the bridegroom and the preachers.
" Speak now or Forever hold your peace" a sentence said by the preacher at the end.
And it is the last chance for either the bride or the bridegroom to protest or to quit.
Well, i believe most of the weddings we have seen ended peacefully.
Anyway, can you imagine when either side protest and just runaway from the ceremony?
It would be the historical moment...

"Speak now or forever hold your peace"
Sometimes it appears in our heart, it becomes a question we would like to ask.
Like when the guys we admired have belonged to somebody else
and at this moment what you wanna do is lay the cards on the table and give this one last shot.
Your heart is racing and what do you think he's gonna say??

Life is a funny thing.
When we have a chance to do or say something we should, we just skip it.
Maybe because we didn't realize that it is the right timing or bad timing.
Then, we always look back and regretting the words we didn't speak up when we had a chance to say it.
Have you regret for not saying " I love you" to somebody? " I am sorry" for the people you hurt? or even " I hate you" to the person you really hate?
or the words you wanna share with your mum? telling her how much you love her?

We all know life is short...
 if we're not gonna say the words now, when do we have the chance to speak it again?
Unless you're a song writer like Taylor swift or Jay chou that speak it through a song...
What if word you say can change the things? you'll never know that....

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