Friday, December 17, 2010


Girl-friendship is not simple.
As most of us agree, girls are sensitive. Despite we have girls' talk, not all of us dig thoroughly out the things kept in heart.
Sometimes, we are doing things that annoying or hurting our BFF without even realising it.
And they are not speaking their mind and here the conflicts occur.
Thus, we're putting our friendship at risk.
I have number of besties and i would try my best to do no things to hurt them.
I have read some really useful tips to avoid rotten of friendship...
There are some false rules we should avoid in order to keep friendships stronger and closer~~
Standing Her Up Last Minute
Friendship is based on loyalty. So if you said you're going to be there stick to your promise. And NEVER ditch your friends to go dating with guys even with your dream guy.

Being Too Clingy
Avoid acting a needy friend. If you're acting this way makes your BFF feel she's more like your mum than best friend. Space apart can be good for both of you and ensure that you come back fresh.

Always Giving Your Opinion
When your friend wants that kind of advice and ask you for it, it's great that you're available to give it to her.
Make sure you know when it's the best or worse time. If you offer your opinion about everything from her haircut to her boyfriend problem when she didn't ask you to weigh in, you could be really annoying to her. Remember that being a friend doesn't mean that you're automatically her life coach.

Spilling A Secret
You should never ever spill the details of something your BFF told you in confidence. Or we can call it a betrayal.

Being Me-centric
Be a good listener. Take an interest, ask how she reacted,ask how she's feeling now and what she thinks she might do. Instead of telling your friend how she should be doing, ask her what she thinks would help her life. Do not be self-centered.

Ignoring Her Text
Never send an email in response to a friend's call and don't habitually leave a message on her mobile or home number when you know she'll be unlikely to answer. Even you're busy with your stuff, call her and tell her you're unavailable and will catch up with her later. Your friend will feel she is needy and special.

I had always wanted BFF!!!!
I have made quite a lot of friends. when i was working at Genting Highland, friends i know in the campus, friends i know from friends and etc. However, those really can talk from heart to heart, Sigh... Not very optimistic...
Sometimes i feel really lonely T.T
People around me have got their activities with the other half even they don't have BFF.
For me, I really need my friends around me to have fun with..
I wish to have BFFs that really into me, being supportive, reliable and caring~~   
Last but not least, for those who need friends too.. welcome to know me!!!!


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