Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful night II

This post has been dragged so long that finally i use this wonderful morning to write this all over again,
Briefly, Simple, and with photos.

This is my last MPA of my entire campus life.
Date: 5 March 2011
Venue: Marriott Hotel at Putrajaya

Girls want to be pretty, it's in our nature~ So we start preparing quite early.
My nail art
Inspired by Mini nail-Angelababy
We helped each other on hair and make up. I didn't make up when it's our time to go.
 So, we brought along some essential make-up kit and make up at the restroom.
See? Everybody is busy make-up-ing. We were like the little birds around Cinderella
Do you see the difference of height among us? I took off my high heels and i am inches lower!!
Mei fen with me,It's not that i am short, I was bare foot
Finally we have finished prepared! A shoot before the night started!
My coursemate Meichen
The girl with blue dress, She is HOT!
Wenyar with a great bouquet of Stunning roses!! It was from her boyfriend. Sweet Sweet <3
I didn't get any roses this year.. Sigh~!~@@
Girls next door, Mun Mun and Huiyingz
Coursemates CAD/CAM!
So, see campus life is so cool and so AWESOME right?

Will write again!


  1. photo overlaps.... haha~
    great, u are beautiful also...

  2. hey,i jz knw that u own a blog!love ur posts,they are just real.^^

  3. Yiewan, oh dear..How you found my blog.. Come visit me always ya =)