Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crapsss... I am so tired

Another test waving goodbye this morning.
I was quite satisfy although there might be some minor mistakes.
At least my hard work and my sacrifice of my sleeping hours were considered worthy.
And there will be another test next week.
Not only that, there are abundance of assignments in my to-do-list.
Ahhh....!!! Gosh~~

It was raining heavily so abruptly approximately 8am this morning.
Rain water flooded the floor so quickly,
that I almost, so near to fall due to the slippery floor and my stupid slash low-price plus low quality slipper.
And there were two guys standing so near to me and one was trying to get to me, perhaps to help preventing me from falling down.
He suggested to me that i should really dump the slippers.
The situation ended with an awkward agreement to his kind suggestion. I felt so embarrassed. @@
Today was quite a hectic day.

The greatest part about today was: My great success in preparing the presentation of a title that I totally had no idea about " The Application of Neural network in Engineering" in an hour time.

It was an eleventh hour job because I had spent all my energy and time in studying for the test.
I had sacrifice many days of my sleeping time which makes me looking so terrible right now.

I have eye bags bigger than my eyes, dark circle as dark as those on pandas (of course they look so adorable with those circles as contrary, i look TERRIBLE)

My eye-lids are so heavy now, I think I have to call it a day now.

Write again soon. Night!


  1. bkfull ooo... dun slip dun lor...
    be rest more to hapus ur dark circle ooo... ^^

  2. U look fine =) Ppl who work toward goals emits a kind of attraction that no one can resist. You're bravo! =)